Înapoi la servicii


The services provided by our lawyers to commercial companies are specific to commercial law and include, from specialized consultancy to deliverables such as contracts, Due Diligence reports etc. The services are:


  1. Comercial sales and work consultancy
  2. Help and consultancy over Trade Register operations
  3. Help in choosing an potential business partner
  4. Forced court orders
  5. Consultancy and assistance in work law
  6. Validating official court documents
  7. Consultancy in starting an Asociation, Fundation, Club or Sports Centre, Syndicate
  8. or Syndical Federation
  9. Juridical diagnose in company management
  10. Updating and modernization to align with EU standards
  11. Implementing the business plan at a company level
  12. Duo Diligence reports
  13. Commercial Litigation assistance