EU & Structural Funds

This department ensures the filing and submission of projects on various financing lines.

Human Resources

This Departments goal si to take care of everything related to Human Resources, and Organization, from employees selection, to Human Resources optimization in the tehnological flow.

Accountancy and Finances

Our Accountancy and Finances Department, together with our outsourced companies, are covering a wide range of services in this domain. Togheter we are keeping over 100 satisfied customers.


The Management Department, meets the information and logistics clients, in order to restore and / or develop the business.

IT & Multimedia

Because today`s presence in the virtual space is essential, we offer our clients the following dedicated services.


Marketing represents the "art to sell" so our marketing department offers the consulting, procedures and tools needed to increase the number of customers and their purchase rate.


The services provided by our lawyers to commercial companies are specific to commercial law and include, from specialized consultancy to deliverables such as contracts, Due Diligence reports etc.


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